Use of Cookies

deCODE uses cookies to enhance experience and security of users visiting our websites.

Purpose of Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are created and sent to your computer or mobile device when you visit a webpage. The purpose of cookies can vary but on deCODE‘s websites cookies are used to detect browser type so we can adjust our webpage to your browser, to collect date and time of visit, collect IP numbers of visitors etc. On deCODE‘s webpages that require authentication cookies are also used for security reasons, i.e. to protect user sessions and prevent multiple authentications of the same user from different devices and locations.

Third-party cookies

We utilize third-party cookies, i.e. from Google Analytics, on most of our websites. These cookies provide us with data to develop the website and improve its functionality based on user’s needs.
Third-party cookies are also used to collect statistics on website visits, types of browsers and devices used.

Blocking cookies

If you would like to block cookies on deCODE‘s websites that can be done through settings of the browser you are using. Most browsers provide assistance on how to block cookies. Further information on how to manage cookies can be found at